Feb 28, 2009

Hello everyone!=O)

Today I woke up 7.30....I ate some fruits and cornflakes and trank some tea and started together with my dad my mom nd my brother to my school.

Because of some kids and parents and other persons will visit our school today.

At 10 o´clock our choir started to sing....later our project sang the Beatles songs, we´ve studied last 3 days.

12.00 o´clock we went home by car and ate something.

A good friend of mine visited me 6.30 pm.

And now I´m waiting for my brother, who is at a handballgame.

Feb 27, 2009

In friday I woke up 8o´clock, I bake the last cakes and helped my grandma to cook the meal. At the afternoon we celebrated my dads birthday. We ate a lot of cakes and I talked most of the time with the girlfriend of my cousin.
But I was ill, so I needed to stay into my bed most of the time.

Feb 26, 2009

So today I had to get up 5.30 and I was soooo tired!=O)

After awaking, ca 6.15 I went to school by bus and train and- like yesterday- we sang till 12o´clock for our project.

At the moment I´m chatting with my friends and later I will bake some cakes for my dads birthday.

The picture you can see is taken last summer. You can see me while my favourite hobby:dancing.

Feb 25, 2009

So today I went to school and sang all time, because of our project-days.
It was a really nice day!
What have you done today???
Hello everybody!=O)
Today I´m starting to write my lifestyle- diary!