Mar 7, 2009

We had a lot of snow last year and at the beginning of 2009!
But at the moment there is nearly no snow.
And I hope that spring will come soon!
(This picture is taken in January 2009.)

Mar 4, 2009

Mar 3, 2009

Thats is me before the cirque de soleil in Berlin.

And this pictur is taken into the cirque de soleil after the show!

I think that picture looks really crazy but I like it!=O)

Hello everyone=)
How are you?
Today I have to get up at 5.30, like everyday if I need to go to school.
At the bus I listened to music (normally Hip Hop like lil mama or Latin music or quiet music like james morris...). Than I sat into school till 2 o´clock pm........
At home I watched TV, danced a little time and ate something and I learned for the english test tomarrow.
Now I´m answering some e- mails and later I will sleep.
Kisses from Marie

Mar 1, 2009

Good morning=O)
I slept really long today- till 10 o´clock,! Great, isn´t it?=O)
After I ate cornflakes and an apple....I started to dance for ca. 2 hours.
Later I fed my rabbit.
12.30 I made the meal for my family->spaghetti.
And after eating I went outside, because of the wheather was wonderful today and most of the snow is nearly away!